Information Station

Kansas City’s Union Station is a significant historical structure and architectural masterpiece in the KC skyline. As a tourist attraction, a center for transportation, and a learning center, Union Station has offered Kansas City the best in art, exhibitions, travel, and dining for over 100 years. What you may not know is a little bit of history behind the building and what the architect originally had in mind. Today’s landmark building was designed by Jarvis Hunt after the previous Union Depot (1878-1903), located in the West Bottoms, required more room for expansion and suffered damage from flooding. Union Station Kansas City Inc.’s Facebook page released this image of Hunt’s first design for Union Station:


The design included triple arches, domed glass ceilings over both halls, and drive-through porticos. The design was ultimately scaled back due to budgetary concerns. Can you imagine?! Union Station remains a true piece of art in the city and is a focal point, gathering place, and ‘celebration station’ for all KC residents. Read more about the history of Union Station here.

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