50 Years Later: Pricing

As we wind up our “Fifty Years in Real Estate” blog series, we want to stress the enduring and priceless value of homeownership; something that will always remain and continue to give back regardless of the year. We take immense pride in helping potential/hopeful homeowners realize their dream. The homebuying and selling process is an intimate and unique one for every person. For many, pricing seems to be a focal point of the process and in short, we can say that at the end of the day, real estate is priceless.

In the pricing department, not much has changed for real estate in the last fifty years. Sure, inflation has made its mark and we can see what $500,000 can buy you then and now. But in regards to what you end up with for any price, the answer is priceless. Real estate continues to be the best investment known to man. Finally deciding to make the commitment to becoming a homeowner is, without a doubt, an investment that will continue to give as time goes on. As a professional in the industry, it’s more than a pleasure to help young families, retirees, empty nesters, and everyone else in between become proud homeowners. Assisting them with the tools, the search, and the paperwork when it finally comes time to closing is a gratifying feeling that never gets old. Investment in homeownership is priceless and fifty years ago and fifty years from now, that’s one thing that will never change.

50 Years!

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