50 Years Later: Purchasing

50 years ago, everything was done in person. Houses were seen in reality (not virtually), contracts signed in person at a desk (not a desktop), and loans were applied for and approved at the bank (not a cloud). Today and unheard of even five years ago, homes can be seen online, potential buyers can get pre-approved for a mortgage online, and a purchase can be done “virtually.” With the wonderful invention of the internet comes the one-click purchase, the “Buy with One-Click,” as Amazon calls it. The concept of taking a virtual tour of a home, browsing through pictures, getting a history report, and contacting the agent virtually, has enabled eager home shoppers to buy a home online. Needless to say, this comes with both pros and cons. It can take the personal touch out of the home-buying process ¬†and leave some shoppers disappointed while the online portal has enabled the home-purchasing process to be much quicker, speeding up approvals, data sharing, and communication between all parties.


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