50 Years Later: Paperwork

Another real estate aspect 50 years in the making is the Paperwork trail. Much like the Oregon Trail, this industry trail had humble beginnings. Years ago, everything was handprinted or typed onto paper. As a result, all paperwork for contracts had to be US mailed or hand-carried and delivered to the recipient. This took time not only to send but to generate. Copies were another thing, generated by carbon paper, where the more copies needed, the lighter the copy! Paperwork was a very arduous task.

Yet, the paperwork trail forged ahead and with the invention of telecopiers, fax machines, and scanners, that trail¬†suddenly didn’t involve as much work. These devices allowed the transference of information and contracts to be much quicker, more reliable, and smoother.

Today, the paperwork trail doesn’t involve much paper anymore…PDFs, email attachments, and online docu-sign programs have revolutionized the paperwork trail. Pages of good old-fashioned paper have been condensed into virtual documents that we can view, send, and edit from our pockets, our offices, or from the comfort of our couch with the click of a button.


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