50 Years Later: Part 2

We’re back again with another part of our “50 Years in Real Estate” blog series. This week we’re discussing information. 50 years ago, obtaining information required a physical visit to the source. This could be the county seat, recorders office, lenders office, insurers office, etc., or at best, a lengthy phone call, followed by a 3/4 day wait for the U.S. Mail to deliver.

Slowly, this evolved into a time-saving process with the introduction of the facsimile machine, though this was very cumbersome and illegible most of the time.

Real estate “for sale” property information was printed and delivered to brokerage offices just twice every month. This meant it was a minimum of 2 weeks from when a property was listed until it was “known” by Realtors! Can you imagine two weeks or more?! Once received, Realtors would call buyers and tell them about a property. If a buyer was interested, they needed to go see it…

Fast forward to today: a property can be seen on any internet device, within 2 hours of being listed for sale. You’ll see color pictures, interior/exteriors photos, and more and it can all be seen anywhere by consumers with Internet access. We’ve come a long way in just 50 years. From 2+ weeks to 2 hours – That’s 50 years of progress!


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