50 Years Later: Part 1

As promised, our 10-week blog series reflecting on the last 50 years in real estate begins here. This week, we’ll be discussing Data. An important part of the real estate trade is data-sharing. Everything from property descriptions to communication regarding an offer or an open house is essential in the process of buying or selling a home. Fifty years ago, this critical information took days or sometimes weeks to penetrate the local market or was a multiple-step process involving the agent acquiring the information via telephone or word-of-mouth, verifying, and then delivering that information to his or her client, via phone or an in-person meeting. Today, this data-sharing process is a breeze with emails, texts, and online platforms which take just seconds to transpire. Today, with the data-sharing¬†time¬†shrinking from days or weeks to just seconds, it can make or break a deal. Ahh the power of technology!

File sharing concept


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