50 Years Later: Communication

Continuing with our recap of the evolution of the real estate industry in the last 50 years, this week we’re discussing communication. This particular topic spans across all industries and is definitely an overall advancement for all of mankind with the invention of fax machines, desktop computers, cell phones, laptop computers, and now tablets.
50 years ago, communication was simple and limited to a couple of choices: immediate verbal communication was only achieved using a landline phone, the next best was written communication by way of a Western Union telegram or the use of next-day delivery service until finally the US mail system emerged.
Written communication, essential to a real estate transaction, consisted of handwritten or typed letters. The typewriter was “the” tool but if mistakes were made, one started over (no spellcheck) and if copies were needed, carbon paper was all that was available. Support staff were often hired based on their ability to type using WPM (words per minute). Simply put, 50 years ago, written communication, the “heart” of a real estate transaction, just took time!
Fast forward to 2016 and one can dictate an email into their cell phone, use spellcheck, and instantaneously send a written communication anywhere in the world. Delivering additional documents is easily done with an attachment. Furthermore, the ability to call anyone from anywhere with a cell phone has made the difference between deal and no deal.
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