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This day in age, it’s not uncommon for prospective home buyers and sellers to take their search and their efforts online. With plenty of information-sharing websites claiming to advise and provide all the necessary information to make you an informed buyer or seller, plenty of people wonder, what’s the purpose of the real estate agent? Short answer: it can be the difference between avoiding a costly mistake and being trapped lacking the professional expertise to determine what’s right for you.

Real Estate agents are there to act on your behalf, to represent you properly and effectively throughout each course of the transaction, and to provide you with market insight and concepts that may have never crossed your mind. The purpose of an agent is critical when making such a significant and life-changing decision as home buying or selling. John Moffitt & Associates has been in the business for over 40 years and our agents go the extra mile to ensure your real estate transaction is the best experience it can be.

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